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Set Oracle: Build a Community

Set Oracle: Build a Community
by Chelsea B.

Listen, kid.
We don’t care about your petty problems.
We don’t give a damn if you are upset at Us.
We are stronger than that.
We have more pride in you than you realize..
We have more faith in you than you realize.
But you keep letting Us down.
What kind of community is this?
You bicker.
You Fight.
Not with swords, but with words.
And they cut just as deep.
What the Hell are you doing?
Look, kid.
We don’t care if you lost your remote and are too lazy to get off the couch to get it.
Those are minor details.
Those are minor things.
You all sit like fucking couch potatoes, dithering over meaningless details.
What have you done today to help your fellow man or woman?
Have you fed the poor?
Have you fed your Ka?
Have you aided another?
Then shut up.
Get up off your lazy butt and do something important.
Quit sitting there wasting time.
You don’t have anymore left.
Get to work.
Build a community that can last.
Right now? You suck.
Build a community that can last.
And withstand Me.
Then you will make something that can last as long as the ancestors did.
Then you can make something worthy of the Mistress of the Throne.


3 thoughts on “Set Oracle: Build a Community”

  1. I would say this sounds similar to some of the stuff he’s talked to me about. This is why I can’t ever stop. This is why I am constantly moving forward, even when I know I should probably take a break. No time for breaks. No time for resting. Because we simply don’t have enough time and I’ve got too much to do before I die XD

    1. Since I don’t normally get messages from Him, that’s good to hear. Thank you. There’s a lot of work to do and no time for pity-parties or tantrums or drama or whatever. Y’know? Do the work and let everything else take care of itself. Set reminds me of Aset in that regard; they’re both big on work. Although They may differ in their methods, They seem to work well together. They compliment each other sometimes.

      Wow. I just woke up from a huge migraine. I hope this makes sense.

      1. Set and Aset are a lot more alike than people seem to give them credit for. I really think they act like twinsies some days XDD which is probably why they can be so contrary with one another 😛

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