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Stand By You

Stand by You
by Chelsea B.

You have got to take responsibility for your own lives.
We can’t do everything.
We can do so many things.
We can help so many ways.
But there are things We cannot control.
Just as you cannot, dear child.
You cannot control others.
We cannot control you.
You choose.
You decide.
You make your own fate, with your decisions.
Good or ill.
Beneficial or not.
You decide.
There are things you can control in your life.
And things you cannot control.
This is still your life.
How will you live today?
Is it with the Gods standing by your side?
Or will you decide that We are responsible for your own mistakes?
Or the misfortune that has befallen you?
We will stand by you, dear child.
We will stand by you.
Offer to Us.
Pray to Us.
And We will do Our best to help in your situation.
But remember, dear child,
What you ask for, we will give.
So make sure you want it.


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