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Aset, Mistress of Magic and Knowledge

There was a small room in temples set aside for the scrolls that were used for daily ritual or for other functions of the temple. These places were called Pr Md3t or “House of the Papyrus Rolls” or Pr Md3t Pr ‘3 “House of the Papyrus Rolls of the Great House/Palace”.

Some deities were said to be patrons of these areas. Some you’d expect like Seshat, Mistress of the Library, Who Loosens Impurity or Djehuty who was the inventor of writing and patron of scribes. Khnum, Wesir, Heru, and Aset are listed as well.

“Aset is the Mistress of Magic, the magic infused in knowledge as it helps heal and even revive, as Aset did when She revived Wesir to conceive their child Heru who inherited the knowledge of His Mother and benefited from Her infinite protection. As for Wesir Himself, he is the one who taught mankind civilization when he was ruling upon Earth.”

Haikal, Fayza M. “Private Collections and Temple Libraries in Ancient Egypt,” in What Happened to the Ancient Library of Alexandria?. Mostafa A. El-Abbadi and Omnia M. Fathallah, ed. (Brill Academic Publishers, 2008), 44 and 45-46.


1 thought on “Aset, Mistress of Magic and Knowledge”

  1. Thank you for including the Kemetic names for them as well. 🙂 One of the things I wish we could see more were people bringing forth or using more Kemetic names for things instead of English. It’s one thing I kind of want to work on this year with my practice.

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