Isis-Aphrodite, Names and Epithets

Aphrodite’s Epithets

Aligena (Sea Born)
Ambologera (She Who Postpones Old Age)
Anaduomene (Rising from the Sea)
Androphonos (Killer of Men)
Anosia (Unholy)
Apatouros (Deceptive One)
Apostrophia (She Who Turns Herself Away)
Apostrophia (Averter of Unlawful Desires)
Areia (Warlike; of Ares)
Basilis (Queen)
Dôritis (Bountiful)
Eleemon (Merciful)
Enoplios (Bearing Weapons)
Epipontia (On the Sea)
Epistrophia (She Who Turns to Love)
Epitragidia (She Upon the Buck)
Epitumbidia (She Upon the Graves)
Euplois (Fair Sailing)
Euploia (Fair Voyage)
Genetullis (Genetrix)
Heteira (Courtesan)
Hera (of Hera; of Marriage)
Hôplismenê (Armed)
Kallipugos (of the Beautiful Buttocks)
Kallisti (the Fairest)
Kataskopia (Spying; Peeping)
Khruse (Golden)
Kupris (Cyprian)
Kuprogenes (Cyprus-born)
Kuthereia (Kytherean)
Limenia (of the Harbor)
Makhanitis (Deviser; Contriver)
Mechanitis (Skilled in Inventing)
Melainis (Black)
Migôntis (Marital Union)
Morpho (Shapely Form)
Nikêphoros (Bringer of Victory)
Nymphia (Bridal)
Ourania (Heavenly)
Pandemos (of All People)
Pasiphaessa (the Far-Shining)
Pelagia (of the Sea)
Philomeides (Laughter-Loving)
Porne (Fleshy; Prostitute)
Potnia (of the Sea)
Praxis (Action; Sexual)
Psithyristês (Whispering)
Skotia (Dark)
Suriê theos-Syrian Goddess
Summakhia (Ally in War)
Symmakhia (Ally in Love)
Tumborukhos (Gravedigger)
Xenia (of the Foreigner)

Homeric Epithets
Kythereia (of Cytherea Island)
Kyprogenês (Born in Cyprus)
Kyprogeneia (Born in Cyprus)
Kypris (of Cyprus)
Paphia (of Paphos in Cyprus)
Paphiê (of Paphos in Cyprus)
Diôniaia (Daughter of Dione)

Homeric Epithets 2
Aphrogeneia (Foam-Born)
Aphrogenês (Foam-Born)
Dia (Divine; Shining)
Dios thugatêr (Daughter of Zeus)
Eustephanos (Richly-Crowned; Well-Girdled)
Khryseê (Golden)
Philommeidês (Laughter-Loving)
Philomeidês (Laughter-Loving)
Philommedes (Genital Loving)
Pothôn Mêtêr (Mother of Desire)

English Epithets for Aphrodite
Mistress of Animals

Cult and Festival Terms
Aphrodision (Temple of Aphrodite)
Aphrodisia (Festival of Aphrodite)
Adônia (Festival of Adonis and Aphrodite)
Hystêria (Festival of the Swine)
Anagôgia (Festival of Embarkation)

Source Aphrodite Titles

Aphrodite at Neos Alexandria

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