Ancient Texts, Devotional Practice, Hymns, Nut, Nuit, Shrine

Nut Offering Formula

Three inscriptions about the Goddess Nut, Lady of the Dead, Goddess of the Night Sky and Mother of Aset.

Nut, the Greatly Splendid
In Her Name of the Sycamore
I present to You the fresh water.
Refresh Your heart with it.
It is the water which proceeds from Nun.

Nut, Mother of the Gods
the Nurse,
Having power over the place of new birth.
mexsen, holding temples,
Chief of Bandages.

Nut, Mother of the Gods
Mistress of Heaven.

Wilkinson, John Gardner. Manners and Customs of the ancient Egyptians. 1878. page 64 and footnote 3.


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