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She Who Initiates

She Who Initiates
by Chelsea B.

I am She Who Initiates
I am She Who tears apart
Tears and Wailing
are My methods of erosion.
Slowly eroding what must be swept away
By the tears you shed
in My name.
For I am the mourner and the death-bringer.
For I am the One Who cleanses
I am the One Who strips away
So all pain is bare and open in your heart
So you cannot hide from it.
You cannot run from it.
I will tear you down to bring you back.
Like Wesir.
I will hack you to pieces to make you whole.
I am Aset, the One Who wails while wielding a blade.
I am the Goddess of Transformation.
All Who come to Me will be transformed.
This is not a delicate process.
This is heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching work.
This is the way to Priesthood.
This is the Way of Transformation.
I transform and I renew with tears.
I mold and re-shape with fire.
Cleansing flame is how I put you back together.
With the magic of My mouth and My Ka.
With the fire in My words and on My tongue.
What I speak will come to pass.
You will be transformed.
In My Name.
Do the Work and all will be revealed.


2 thoughts on “She Who Initiates”

  1. This is absolutely phenomenal. And completely true. I am young, so by default I am changing. But Aset has been there to talk me down from ledges and push me forward when uncertainly when I was going to extremes. She’s a constant presence pushing me to bloom my potential, despite my fears and disbelief. And Her myths, in almost any form or version, are illustrations of Her own strength and transformations. And that just reiterates that She is truly the Maker of Kings, for good leaders lead by example. And I feel that is truly Her ultimate business, making “kings”..out of each of us. To make us each kings of ourselves and our circumstances. To go through the anxiety and sweat and exhaustion, to come out with pride and accomplishment and confidence. (of course, YMMV, lol)


    1. I completely agree with you here. She is the Goddess of Sovereignty; She bestows it, She wields it. To serve Her you have to own yourself and be a good leader.

      I’m going through a transformation right now. A part of me wants to hide in the corner, She’s not having that!

      Dua Aset indeed!

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