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Aset’s Temple at Deir el Shelwit

Here is a great post by Mogg Morgan about the Temple of Aset at Deir el Shelwit: Deir El Shelwit (Temple of Isis & Montu).

Here is Mogg Morgan’s video of the Temple: Deir el shelwit (Luxor) temple of Isis & consort Monthu

Here is the URL to the video:


3 thoughts on “Aset’s Temple at Deir el Shelwit”

  1. I have visited this temple during my very recent travel/pilgrimage to Egypt.
    And I guess you may be interested in seeing the photos from it =)

    If you would like to have some photos in original size, let me know.
    I was told that we were just 28th and 29th visitors to this temple since it became officially open to public.

    I visited many other places as well, just not all of the photos are online already. There would be many photos from Philae, Dendera, and some temples that are harder to access, such as Hibis or temples in Nubia…
    I will let you know when the galleries will be online, if you are interested…

    P.S. my own photo from Deir el Shelwit

  2. Those are great photos! Thank you for sharing them! Yes, I am totally interested in more pictures! That’s so great that you’ve gone to Egypt. Wow! How wonderful!

  3. I uploaded big part of my photos (still, not all of them 🙂 and sent you links through email. Hope it doesn’t get stuck in spam filters 🙂
    There are still more photos to be uploaded, including temples of Nubia, temple of Hibis … I will send you more links as soon as they’re online.

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