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Aset’s Aspects per 2 Temples

At the Temple of Aset at Giza Pyramid, Aset is honored as Aset-Meskhenet, Aset the Scorpion, Aset-Serqet, Aset-Hethert and Aset, the Lady of the Pyramid.

At the Temple of Aset at Shanhur, Aset is honored as Aset, the Great Goddess, Mut (or Aset-Mut), Nebet Het Nebet Ihy (or Aset-Nebet Het Nebet Ihy), and Aset, the Great, Mother of God.


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Zivie-Coche, Christiane M. Giza au Primier Millenaire: Autour du Temple d’Isis Dame des Pyramides. Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 1991. pages 41 and 223-225.


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