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Festival in a Hymn

There are two festivals listed for Aset/Isis in the Third Greek Hymn of to Isis-Hermouthis by Isidoros in the Piam/Phiom region.

The hymn mentions that sacrifices, libations, and offerings were given to Aset, Heru and Sobek during the twentieth of the month of Pakhon and Thoth.

So on the Festival of Aset, Heru-sa-Aset and Sobek during the 20 of both Thoth (1 Akhet) and Pakhons (1 Shomu) give offerings, libations and sacrifices to the Gods.

Ancient Texts, Aset, Auset, Isis

Offering to Aset/Isis

O Goddess, clad in linen,
Who governs the fertile black land of Egypt
Honor these offerings with Your presence;
this cake, these couple of geese,
this ointment, these wild figs,
these dried raisins, and this incense
are already on the altar.
You have protected Damis
from the dangers of the sea;
if you will also deliver him from poverty,
he will offer You a fawn with gilded horns.

An Epigram in the Anthology of Constantine Cephalus

Sir John Gardner Wilkinson. Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians. Volume 4. (Stanford University Libraries, 1847), 386.

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Pharia and Rhodophoria

Yesterday, was the Aset of the Pharos Lighthouse/Isis Pharia Festival and today is the Rhodophoria (Festival of Roses)!

I hope everyone is having a great time! For the Aset of the Pharos Lighthouse/Isis Pharia Festival, you could offer water, light candles in your shrine and offer food and drink offerings to the Goddess. Offer Her a feast in Her honor.

For the Rhodophoria festival, offer Aset and Wesir red roses (or other red flowers if you can’t offer roses). You could make a garland of roses for your head or drape them over the shrine. And if you can offer to the military dead or warrior dead as this was a festival to honor them as well.

Here is my previous post about the Rhodophoria.

Names and Epithets


Poseidon is King and God of the Sea. He is the God of horses and ships and all that live in the deep.

Epithets of Poseidon

Aigaiôn (of the Aegean Sea)
Aspheleios (Steadfast)
Asphalios (Secures Safe Voyage)
Basileus (King)
Dômatitês (of the House)
Ennosigaios (Earth-Shaker)
Epoptês (Overseer, Watcher)
Gaieokhos (Earth-Holder)
Genethlios (of the Kin; Kindred)
Hippios (of Horses)
Hippokourios (Horse Tender)
Laoitês (of the People)
Pater (Father)
Patros (Father, Ancestral)
Pelagaios (of the Sea)
Petraios (of the Rock)
Phutalmios (Nourishing)
Phytalmios (Plant Nurturer)
Prosklystios (Who Dashes Against)
Soter (Savior)
Taureos (Bull-like)

Cult Centers
Aigaios (Of Aigai in Euboia)
Genesios (Of Genesion in Argolis)
Helikônios (Of Mt Helicon in Boiotia)
Isthmios (Of the Isthmus of Korinthos)
Onkhêsios (Of Onkhesto in Boiotia)
Samios (Of Samos in Elis & the Island)
Tainarios (Of Tainaron in Lakonia)

Temple and Festivals
Poseidion or Poseidônion (Temple of Poseidon)

Poseidônia (Festival of Poseidon)

Isthmia (Isthmian Festival)
Pharia (8 Audçnaios)
Theoxenia Aethiopia (8 Gorpiaios)


Poseidon at

Poseidon at Neos Alexandria