Devotional Practice, Festivals, Freyja, Frigga

May Day or Walpurgisnacht

May Day was today so I gave my Northern Gods some offerings. Today I gave a glass of Riesling Wine, water and some bread to Frigga, red wine to Odin and Riesling Wine to Freyja. I gave Idunna a glass of red wine and Bragi a glass of Chardonnay. I gave Hela some red wine as well.

And by “glass” here I mean former candle holders that I re-purposed for small shot glasses. I also moved the Odin shrine (statue, offering and necklace) to Frigga’s shrine in the kitchen. I felt compelled to do that; I’m not sure if that was due to the holiday or for some other reason. So we’ll see if I move Him back to where He was before.

Hail the ancestors! Hail the Gods and Goddesses!

Blessed May Day everyone!


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