Calendar, Festivals, Hera

Hera’s Festivals

Hekatombaion/Creteon – July/August

Metageitnion/Diomedeon – August/September

20-Sacrifice to Hera, the Goddess of Charm/Hera Thelchinia

Boedromion/Hippeon – September/October

Pyanepsion/Gereon – October/November

Maimakterion/Hespereon – November/December

Poseideon/Cerbreon – December/January

Gamelion/Nemeaneon – January/February

1 to 30-Month Sacred to Hera
26-Sacred Marriage of Hera and Zeus
27-Festival of Hera Teleia and Zeus Teleios

Anthesterion/Lerneon – February/March

Elaphebolion/Archaedeon – March/April

Mounichion/Erymantheon – April/May

Thargelion/Augeon – May/June

Skirophorion/Stymphaleon – June/July


Parke, H. W. Festivals of the Athenians. London: Thames and Hudson, 1977.


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