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Reminder: May Festivals

Here are the festivals for the rest of May for Aset.

21-Day of the Living Children of Nut
23 of May-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
28-Procession and Offerings in Djedu (Wesir, Aset and Heru-sa-Aset)
31 of May to 1 of June-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria

The Children of Nut here are Wesir, Heru Wer, Set, Aset and Nebet Het. (You could include Wepwawet since He is a son of Nut as well).

For the Rhodophoria see my post: Rhodophoria/Rosalia Festival.

Djedu is Busiris (or Per Wesir) a city where Wesir was worshiped alongside Aset and Heru-sa-Aset. Give offerings to these Gods on this day.


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