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Marriage Contract of Aset and Aset’s Procession

Today is a Two-for-One! There are two festivals celebrated for Aset today: Marriage Contract of Aset and Procession of Aset.

The Marriage Contract of Aset celebrates Aset’s marriage to Wesir. Give offerings to Aset and Wesir today. Bake them a marriage cake or some other pastries. OFfer Them flowers or garlands. Off Them water, fruit and vegetables. Offer Them love. Partake of the offerings to receive Their blessings.

Processions can be celebrations of the Solar Goddess (Aset, in this case) uniting with Her Father Ra to renew all of creation. Also, processions were times of oracles and divination via procession by sacred boats. You could do oracles or divination for the Goddess today. You could offer Her flame as a solar deity and you could honor Her Father Ra as well.

Go to the offerings page for ideas here: Offerings to Aset


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