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Why I Honor Aset

Someone asked me a question a while ago: Why do you honor Aset?

I said protection. And I was a little flustered so I couldn’t think of other things to say. Love was another answer too. I’m not used to talking religion with people in person and with family members no less.

I thought this was a good answer, but it’s not all of it. It is so much more complicated.

I’ve been drawn to Aset since I was nine years old. My Dad went to Egypt that year and got me a pendant of Her. I wore it all the time. Then, that Christmas, I got a book on Egyptian Mythology. It was George Hart’s Egyptian Myths. Then came the love of all things Egypt. But Aset (Isis as I knew Her then) was always my focus. I read about Her for years. I read about the Fellowship of Isis and Olivia Durdin-Robertson. I read some of Budge’s works before I knew better. I read other books too.

After learning that Budge’s work wasn’t the best source, I cooled on Egypt for awhile. I read comic books and fantasy and science fiction novels. I read books about mythology. Japanese, Egyptian and Norse were my favorites to study.

I was enamored with mythology and religion. It’s no wonder I went for Religious Studies degrees in college. But I digress.

Why do I worship an Egyptian Goddess and Aset no less? She’s been there in my life since I was 9 and never left! 🙂 I do love Her as a child loves her mother. She created me so a part of me is like Her, like when DNA is passed down from one generation to the next or in this case, personality traits and existing within existence as an autonomous being. Entwined within the hum of my soul is MY NAME and She is there. She spoke my Name upon my creation. She is my Mother.

And this is one reason I honor Her.

Because She is my Mother, I do Her work in the world. For we are the Hands and Eyes of God. I write for Her. I record hymns and names and the history of Her worship. I honor Her with offerings on a nominally daily basis.

And so I honor this Egyptian Goddess. And that is part of why.


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