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Four Fire Festivals of Aset

There are four fire festivals of Aset this week! A great way to represent Her solar or stellar light is to light candles.

Festival of the Birth of Aset, with the Beautiful Throne, the Great Goddess celebrates Aset’s birth in Her aspect as the throne Goddess. On Her birth festivals, candles were lit for Her.

Appearance of Sopdet is the half-way mark of Aset-Sopdet disappearing into the Duat to return on the New Year. A candle is lit to represent starlight.

Burning the Widow’s Flame is a solemn occasion where Aset as Wesir’s widow prepares Him for the Duat. A flame burns for Aset on Her shrine.

Aset Luminous is Aset’s Festival of Lights where She searches for Wesir. Prayers are written on paper, folded into boats with a tealight in it and floated on water in a sink, tub, river, bowl or ocean to carry the prayers to the Goddess.

Here are instructions for boat making: Making Boats for Aset Luminous

Oracle for Aset Luminous (Aset, the Fiercely Bright One)

by JewelofAset

What are you doing for Her festival?

What will you do today for the Fiercely Bright One?
Light candles or lamps? Sing a hymn? Perform ritual before Her shrine? What will you offer to the Lady?

What will you do today for the Mother of God? The one who gave birth to Heru in the Marshes? The sole Mother who took care of Her son?

What will you do for Aset, the Fiercely Bright One? The One who leads the way in the darkness, dispelling shadows with Her light? The stellar and solar goddess of the dawn.

What will you do today? What will you accomplish? What will you profess?

What will you ask Me in your letter? What prayers and hopes will the boats carry on the water, with My light guiding the way?

What will you ask Me to dispel in your lives? What will you ask Me to cultivate?

What will you do for the Fiercely Bright One? What will you ask of the Brightest of Stars? What will you ask of the Solar Goddess?

I am the Mistress of Magic. I am the Goddess Who Knows Her Spells. What I speak comes to pass.

Do not worry, child. I will take care of you.

Who am I? Am I not the Goddess who knows Ra’s Name? Am I not the wisest and cleverest of Gods? Am I not the Goddess of all magic, all heka, all life-power, all kau?

So what will you ask Me on My festival day?

The words you speak and write have power. What I speak comes to pass. What you write is your heart’s desire.
For what you do, what you say and what you write will become.


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