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Reminder: Festivals for Aset for July and Birthdays of the Gods

4 Shomu/Mesore/July

19-Celebrate your Feast of your God.
20 of July-Festival of the Birth of Aset
22-Festival of the Children of Nut and Geb
26 of 4 Shomu to 4 of Extra Days-Festival of the Foundation of the Temple (of Aset and Sobek)
28 to 30-Festival of the Birth of Aset

Days Upon the Year

July 29-August 2

1-Birthday of Wesir
2-Birthday of Heru Wer
3-Birthday of Set
4-Birthday of Aset
5-Birthday of Nebet Het
Extra Day 4 to 1 of 1 Akhet-Festival of the Birth of Aset

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Lady of Ma’at

Lady of Ma’at

by JewelofAset

Lady of Ma’at
This is My Title
In the Duat
As I judge in the Halls
I am the Double Truth
with My Sister, Nebet Het
We are the Ma’ati
Together as One
We are the Sisters who endure
in the Duat
We judge those who have died
We judge their actions
We judge their thoughts
We judge their hearts
if they are evil or good
But dear child, this Ma’at
is not the one you follow
You bicker
You make strife
What will you say when you come to Our Halls?
You tried and failed to be a decent person?
You tried and failed to live a life of integrity?
A life with morals?
A life blessed by Gods?
You are alone here in your strife
You are alone here in your wickedness
When you come to Our Halls
what will you say?
You must take responsibility for your actions in life.
You must take charge of your destiny
You are not its Mistress
In order to own yourself
You must know who you are
and take charge of your life
You do not get to blame others for your failures
You are responsible for your own actions
and your own lives
We are not responsible for your mistakes
You are.
We are not responsible for your successes
You are.
We can help you succeed and
We can bestow blessings on those who serve Us
But, child
This life is yours to live
it is yours to enjoy
Take advantage of everything We have given you
and thrive within your means
Dear child,
ma’at is subjective
it is situational
because everyone is not the same
People respond differently to different stimuli
So ma’at is not the same for all
There is a sliding scale here
We are not unreasonable Gods
But dear child, dear child
You throw ma’at around
like you know what it means
And you do not
There is no English translation for this word that is sufficient
Right Action
Right Thought
These are what come from the Human Heart
But these are not ma’at
Ma’at is an effective, working community
Do you have this?
It is the connection between people
Goodness and honesty breeds the same
Strife and dishonesty breeds the same
Which one is a more effective, healthy community?
The honest one
So why do you think you are in ma’at
if all you do is lie or steal or make strife?
This is not a healthy community
This is not a healthy community
Our standards are not your own
We are not unreasonable Gods
We are not unreasonable Gods
Do your best and serve Us well
But dear child, dear child
the strife you bring
or the goodness you bring
will determine
what you will say
before the court of the Gods.
And dear child, dear child
Ma’at will be weighed against your heart
how will you fare
against the cosmic scale?
Did you add goodness or strife?
Ma’at is who you are
when you act from your heart.
Ma’at is who you are
when you act from who you truly are.
This is why your heart is weighed against the Feather of Ma’at.
So, dear child, dear child
Who are you?
Are you someone who will promote ma’at
or are you someone who acts to undermine it?