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Reminder: Festivals for Aset for October

Here are the rest of Aset’s Festivals for the month of October.

3rd Akhet/Hethara/October
17-Lamentations of Aset and Nebet Het
17 to 20-Festival of Aset, with the Beautiful Throne (Isis Nepherses)
20-Sacrifice to Aset/Isia
24-Procession of Aset and Appearance of Aset and Nebet Het in Jubilation
28 to 31 October-Festival of Aset/Isia

This month is full of festivals pertaining to the Death and renewal of Wesir.

For the Lamentations of Aset and Nebet Het you can recite the lamentations in ritual.

For the 3 Day Festival of Aset, with the Beautiful Throne (Isis Nepherses) you can honor Aset as the widow of Wesir as this festival is believed to be another rendition of the Mysteries of Wesir.

For the Sacrifice to Aset, you can offer what they offered Her in antiquity: two chickens, fruit, barley, wheat, a dove and lights. Today you could offer Her your favorite chicken stir fry or a fruit salad or a chicken sandwich. Light candles for Her too.

For the Procession of Aset you can honor Aset as a solar goddess and/or do divination for Her. For the Appearance of Aset and Nebet Het in Jubilation you can have a joyous celebration.

For the Festival of Aset/Isia on October 28-31, Aset mourns Wesir’s passing into the Duat. In this half of the festival, Aset is the Mourning Goddess, weeping and searching for Her slain husband. On November 1-3, the Rejoicing part of this festival is celebrated.

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Poem: Love like a Widow

Love as a Widow
by JewelofAset

It is a tale of eternal separation
It is a tale of eternal love story
Wesir died.
Why do you think this is a happy occasion?
Why do you think this means I am the Goddess of Love?
I am not.
That belongs to Hethert.
I am the Goddess of Family.
I am the Goddess of widows and wives who have lost their husbands or spouses.
I am the goddess of eternal love.
Of eternal love…that was lost
He died.
I am a widow
I weep, I cry, I mourn
every year.
I shriek
I wail
I scream
Wrought with grief-stricken tears and an eternal pit of rage
My son is My avenger
My husband is gone from Me
Do you want to be a widow?
Then stop asking Me, the Widow for this
I am not Hethert
I mourn, I shriek, I scream, I wail
And the Heavens respond with rumbling thunder
The Storm Clouds do not cease
My tears flood the earth
My voice a shout like thunder
My power flashing like lightening
as bright and as terrifying and as beautiful to behold
This is not a face you ask for, for love that you will lose
I am the Mourner
I have lost My love
Don’t ask Me for yours.

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Aset and the LAGG: Plants

There is a very short section on plants within Aset’s section of the LAGG. The list is a short one and I was surprised not to see some plants mentioned.

The ones mentioned are the date palm (of Upper Egypt), the lotus flower, papyrus (with sweet milk), golden lotus flower and the lapis lazuli plant (I would love to know what this is). There are two other plants listed in ancient Egyptian as the Hn-plant and the nbw-plant (I don’t know what these are either).

The sycamore was not listed, but it most likely is in another section. And the rose wasn’t listed here either, but roses aren’t really native to Egypt so it may or may not be here somewhere.

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LAGG Animals-Aset

So I have been translating Aset’s section of the LAGG (Lexicon der Ägyptischen Götter und Götterbezeichnungen edited by Christian Leitz et al). First off, this is awesome. And secondly, there are 80 pages. Yes, you read that right. Aset has 80 pages of epithets, names, and manifestations listed in this one volume of this series of books). I translated a lot of the location section today and well, I needed a break from Nomes and cities so I skipped ahead to the animal section. I translated that section and there are a few things I didn’t know.

Her usual animals are listed there: Black Kite, Celestial Cow, Cobra, Hippopotamus, Falcon, Scorpion and Lioness. What was a surprise to me was a Greyhound, a Dog, a Female Baboon, two different types of fish, a dolphin (which is actually the Nile Tilapia fish) and a Tern (which is apparently a type of bird).

So just thought I’d share this with everyone.

Dua Aset (Hail Aset)!