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LAGG Animals-Aset

So I have been translating Aset’s section of the LAGG (Lexicon der Ägyptischen Götter und Götterbezeichnungen edited by Christian Leitz et al). First off, this is awesome. And secondly, there are 80 pages. Yes, you read that right. Aset has 80 pages of epithets, names, and manifestations listed in this one volume of this series of books). I translated a lot of the location section today and well, I needed a break from Nomes and cities so I skipped ahead to the animal section. I translated that section and there are a few things I didn’t know.

Her usual animals are listed there: Black Kite, Celestial Cow, Cobra, Hippopotamus, Falcon, Scorpion and Lioness. What was a surprise to me was a Greyhound, a Dog, a Female Baboon, two different types of fish, a dolphin (which is actually the Nile Tilapia fish) and a Tern (which is apparently a type of bird).

So just thought I’d share this with everyone.

Dua Aset (Hail Aset)!


5 thoughts on “LAGG Animals-Aset”

  1. The dog one is very interesting both intellectually and personally. I wonder if Nebthet also has this association, and makes me wonder at what point in history did Sirius come to be known as the “dog star”.

    1. Yeah. I think it is mentioned in the Pyramid Texts. Sopdet is called the “Dog Star”, but I may be remembering wrong. Here Sopdet wasn’t mentioned, but this was the animal section. In Papyrus Jumilhac, iirc, Aset turns herself into a dog to fight Set or his confederates.

    1. Thank you. Just continue to be your wonderful self. I will gladly send you a copy. Oh, also I thought you would find this interesting since your book Offerings to Isis mentioned Aset/Isis as a black kite. The kite that is mentioned within the LAGG is the Black Kite specifically. One of the entries is “Female Black Kite”.

      I’m also much better at French than translating German. But I will muddle through. And I’m asking for help from a native speaker when I hit a snag.

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