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Poem: Love like a Widow

Love as a Widow
by JewelofAset

It is a tale of eternal separation
It is a tale of eternal love story
Wesir died.
Why do you think this is a happy occasion?
Why do you think this means I am the Goddess of Love?
I am not.
That belongs to Hethert.
I am the Goddess of Family.
I am the Goddess of widows and wives who have lost their husbands or spouses.
I am the goddess of eternal love.
Of eternal love…that was lost
He died.
I am a widow
I weep, I cry, I mourn
every year.
I shriek
I wail
I scream
Wrought with grief-stricken tears and an eternal pit of rage
My son is My avenger
My husband is gone from Me
Do you want to be a widow?
Then stop asking Me, the Widow for this
I am not Hethert
I mourn, I shriek, I scream, I wail
And the Heavens respond with rumbling thunder
The Storm Clouds do not cease
My tears flood the earth
My voice a shout like thunder
My power flashing like lightening
as bright and as terrifying and as beautiful to behold
This is not a face you ask for, for love that you will lose
I am the Mourner
I have lost My love
Don’t ask Me for yours.


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