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Inner Work

So I have been doing a lot of hard internal work the last couple of months. I’ve done execrations. I’ve been writing fiction. I’ve been reading manga and watching anime (only those that feed my soul so viscerally that I grin like a fool; currently this is Sailor Moon Crystal and the classic anime; the Sailor Moon manga as well as the Sailor V manga series). I am no where near done with this work, but it’s a start.

Part of honoring Aset will involve facing your inner demons or shadows. She had to do this when She lost Wesir. Wesir died and transformed and changed into the King of Underworld.

But that experience also changed Aset too. She was no longer a wife alone. She was a widow. And a single mother. And this changed Her. She went through her own period of death as well. Her grief, her flood of tears is her own crisis. Her rage was burning as brightly as Her star and the sun itself. And this is Her own crucible. This is Her own death. Because a apart of Her died when Wesir did. She had to remake Herself and reform Herself. She had to put Herself back together just as She had to re-member Wesir.

She had to raise Her son alone while protecting Him from all sorts of dangers. That could be a post in itself.

But Aset went through this and came out the other side. She was whole.

So this is Her charge to those who ask:

To live is to die
To die is to live
Many will ask to change
What about you, dear child?
What about you?
You try to change and yet you do not
You are still fickle
And you are still angry
And yet and yet, you try
You work on it
This is all We can ask of you
You are doing your best, dear child
You are doing your best
And that is enough
That is always enough
Do not be so hard on yourself
You are doing the best you can
That is all We ask
And at the end of the day
You gain footing,
closer to the falcon
Closer to your True Self
But remember, in order to be reborn
You must first die
And dying is a process of tears and flame
Of sorrow and soul-fire
You have tried and failed
and you have succeeded
You have cried the lengths of the Nile
You must now nourish your inner flame
Yellow, white, orange and red are the colors of the solar and stellar Goddess
Blue is the color of flame as well
This fire, this light is the beginning of re-birth
Discover who you are, dear child
Discover who you are
And let your soul shine brighter than any star


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