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Work and Their Gods

I am getting ready for ritual and I had a thought. I saw a Goddess in my mind. She was robed in white with black flowing hair as dark as night. She was the star goddess come dawn.

And I asked Her simple thing. “Do Gods want us to succeed because you are Our parents?”

“You are not tools. You each have a job to do. We have many devotees. Some result in devotees who live their lives with Us in the periphery, but they live their lives according to their own wants and needs and offer to Us. And this is fine. They are Our flock and Our children. They are Our people. And this is fine.

Yet others, including you, have a job to do. When We find devotees who also love to do Our Work, We jump at the chance to help them. Why not? They are already doing Our work. They have the means and the skill-set to to Our work. Why not help them? They do Our work in the world.

You love what you do. They love what they do. This is a win-win situation. We get what We need. You get what you need. And all work is fulfilled.

And, child, We want each person to succeed. You are Our children. All parents want their children to succeed. We want you to succeed because you are Our children. Not a tool. Not a replaceable object. You are a person and only you can do the work you do. No one can do it like you would. No one is replaceable. No one is expendable.

Yes, the work would still get done by someone else. But not like you would.

So do not cast Us aside. So do not cast Us adrift.

We have work for you. We have work for you.

Let Us help you get it done.”

From a Goddess of the Egyptian persuasion


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