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Aset, Lady of the West

As I was sitting in shrine tonight, I was staring at all the shrines with their candles lit and their offerings laid out.

I thought of Aset as She is my Spiritual Mother. The specific Aset I get is as Aset Amenti or Aset as Lady of the West. And I’m finding a few things out about this Goddess that I didn’t know before. Lady of the West is a title of many Goddesses: Nut, Hethert, Nebet Het and Aset, Herself. As I thought about this I thought about separate experiences with Aset-Hethert, Aset-Nut, and Aset-Nebet Het.

It is strange because I have been told by a friend that Aset Amenti sounds like Aset as Nebet Het as She speaks.

The Lady of the West here encompasses more than just the Dead for Me.
I am the Queen of Heaven.
I am the Goddess of the Stars at night.
I am the Star shining a light through darkness.
I guide and lead the Dead.
I counsel and care for the Living.
I am Hethert. I am Nut.
I am with My Sister, here.
I am Aset Amenti.
I am Aset as Nebet Het who is Aset.
This is who I am, child.
I am Aset all the time and yet,
I encompass more than you can imagine.
Yes, Nebet Het is My sister.
Yet, I am Her and She is Me.
This is a Mystery.
Let it unfold.


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