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Strongest of the Gods Journal

For those who don’t know, “Red Week” was a week long celebration of the ancient Egyptian God Set, Lord of storms, change and the desert. He is the strongest of Gods to slay Apep every day so that dawn may come. (He does this in tandem with Aset, the Strongest of Goddesses).

Anyway, here is a journal containing hymns, stories and other writings about the Red Lord. This was put together by the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer Temple.

Here is the link: Strongest of the Gods


3 thoughts on “Strongest of the Gods Journal”

  1. I don’t remember any myths about Aset slaying Apep. There is one where Bastet slays him. I think her or Sekhmet would be the strongest goddess. Or Neith, the primordial war goddess.

      1. Aset also has some bellicose aspects as the one who slaughters the enemies of Her brother and son and also Ra. She’s also an Eye of Ra. On Philae, she is shown wielding a scimitar. In one papyrus, She slays enemies with spears, (iirc).

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