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What to Build, What to Take Away

So I’ve been doing a lot of execrations and cleansing myself of past mistakes and darkness. It was suggested to me to add healing to that and to build something from it too. I’ve done some healing as well. Maybe not enough. I should do more of that too.

So I’m going to ask Aset and Khnum and Ptah and possibly Heqat for help.

I mentioned to Aset what I wanted to build and She said that was a lot to build in a short amount of time.

So maybe I should focus on one or two of them at a time.

Here is my list so far of what I (eventually) wanted to build:

*design a better shrine room
*a small library (read: bookshelf) for Aset and Egypt (I have this. I need a few more books)
*design a ritual for Aset for nighttime
*finish and publish Lady of Praise, Lady of Power (Aset Hymnal)
*finish and publish Aset’s Oracle book
*finish and publish Aset’s Essay book
*Finish and publish Aset’s Festival/Ritual book (I’ll make this an anthology, since I can’t do this on my own)

Fiction Writing
*write the wolf demon/sorceress story
*write female shonen-type magical story
*write magical girl warrior story

I agree that this is too much to do. I’m more of a sprinter than a marathon runner when it comes to working. I work intensely for a short time and then I stop. I also get overwhelmed very easily.

Things I need to work on or learn to work within the boundaries of myself. I also need to learn to say: this is who I am and these are my boundaries and don’t apologize for it.

I can apologize for inappropriate behavior, but not for being myself.

What do I need? What do I want? What do I desire?

These are the questions I have to answer before I can go too far forward.


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