Reminder Post: Festivals of Aset for April

Here are the festival days of Aset for the month of the 1st of Shomu or Pachons/April. Some of these festials such as the Harvest Festival and the Festival of Aset of Pharos festivals are listed twice since they have two set dates associated with them on different calendars.

The Aset of Pharos festival is listed on the 25th of April, but a footnote in one book mentioned it may also be on April 21st so I included the date here.

1 Shomu/Pachons/April
1-Harvest Festival
12-Marriage Contract of Aset
20-Feast of Aset-Renenutet, Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset
21-Sacred Festival of Aset of Pharos (Isis Pharia)
25 of April-Sacrifice to Aset of Pharos (Isis Pharia)/Sacrum Phariae and Serapia
26-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
26 of April-Harvest Festival


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