I’m kind of in a rut.  I’d like some help.  What are some good blog post ideas or content you’d like to see on my site?  I’d like for the topic to pertain to Aset in some way if possible.

Also, are there any ideas or improvements you think the site needs to make it better or more usable or more aesthetically pleasing?

Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Ideas?”

  1. 1) Can you write more about being a priestess? * Besides the oracle posts about priesthood – more about your daily experiences.
    2) White text on black background is sometimes hard to read.

  2. 1) I’m not actually a Priestess of Aset. I’m Her Shemsu (follower, or devotee). What kind of topics would you like to know? Is it possible to be more specific or narrow down the scope? Maybe I can ask a Priestess of Aset for an interview.
    1a) My daily experiences…hmmm. Okay. Shopping. She shops with me sometimes. It is a place to start at least. Or cleaning or home stuff. I can talk about that.

    2) I’m visually-impaired. Sometimes black text on white background is hard for me to read. Also, I wanted a theme on WP that had 2 menus. Dropdown menus don’t work with JAWS or other speech programs for the visually-impaired or blind people. The software doesn’t see them as links. As a visually-impaired person, I wanted to make sure my site was accessible to those who need software to navigate the internet.

    2a) I’m trying to find a theme on WP where they have a white and blue colors and 2 menu options. So far I have found one, but I don’t know how to change the light blue to a darker one.

    3) I’m thinking of moving to bluehost and transferring this site over there and see what their themes can offer. I’m not sure yet.

    1. What do you have that you can teach? You’ve done wonderful things with the research. Can you perhaps expand one of those tidbits into something others can use? For instance…pick an epithet, explain it, and show how/when it could be used…and what aspect of Aset you might encounter when you invoke Her by that Name? What kind of devotions do you do for Her? Write them up so others could use them, too, if they so desire. Maybe a heart-centered piece: what is it about Her that calls to you? What is it about you that might call to Her…and what might that mean for others? I face this same thing, since I try to do a post once a week. I spend a lot of time with jstor and academia…sometimes the smallest tidbit or idea in an article can be expanded into a post, or will give you inspiration for a post. It definitely isn’t easy, this blogging thang 😉

      1. Thank you for your suggestions. Aspects and Rites. Got it. I already posted my menses rite for Aset as a post. I should probably make it into a page.

        The daily ritual I do is the Kemetic Orthodox Ritual of the Senut by Tamara Siuda. It is published in the Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook by Tamara Siuda found here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/tamara-l-siuda/the-ancient-egyptian-prayerbook/paperback/product-5154983.html

        Thank you for the suggestions. I’m getting a few ideas! Thank you!

    2. I’m interested in all aspects of priesthood 🙂 and how it influences the daily life of person.
      Also, it’s interesting to understand the precise nuances of being a priest for Aset and for other Netjer (well probably for this, it would be worthy to interview a priestess of Aset and also a priest of someone else 🙂

      May be it would be good for you to write for all the topics of Kemetic Round Table? There are many interesting blog post prompts, and new entries may be submitted any time, doesn’t matter if the prompt was announced long ago.
      I definitely suggest you to go through Kemetic Round Table topic prompts and add your input!

      Sometimes there are themes that allow website visitors to choose the colors (choose the “skin” of website appearance). So those who have troubles reading white-on-black, would be able to switch to another “skin” with different colors.
      By the way, white-on-dark blue is easier to read, than white-on-black.

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