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Quick Post: Festivals of Aset for June

So here is a quick post about the festivals of Aset for the month of June.

3 Shomu/Epiphi/June
2-Great Feast of the Two Lands
4-Conception of Heru-sa-Aset
12-Procession of Aset and Celebration of the Marriage Contract of Aset
14 of June-Night of the Teardrop of Aset
21-One Who Makes Lamentation Before Aset, the Beautiful, the Great Goddess
22-Feast of Entry of Aset
26 of 3 Shomu to 15 of 4 Shomu-Festival of the Birth of Aset, with the Beautiful Throne (Isis Nepherses), the Great Goddess
28-Appearance of Sopdet
30-Burning the Widow’s Flame


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