Epithets of the Goddess Athena

Epithets of Athena/Athene
Ageleia–Leader of the People
Agestratos-Host Leading
Agoraia-of the Market
Aithyia–Navigation or Sea Bird
Alalkomeneia–Repeller of Danger or She Who Wards Off
Alea–Protectress or Shelter
Amboulia–Counsellor, Of the Counsels
Anemôtis–Of the Winds
Apatouria–Deceiver, Of Deception
Apatouria-of the Apatouria Festival
Archegetes–Founder of the City
Athenon Medeousa–Queen of Athens
Boulaia–Of the Council
Chalkioikos–Of the Bronze House
Dios Ekgegauia–Zeus-Born
Ergane–Worker (Patron of Crafts and Artisans)
Gigantoleteira–Destroyer of Giants
Gigantoletis–Destroyer of Giants
Glaukopis–Bright-Eyed or Gleaming Eyed or Owl Eyed or Blue Eyed or Gray Eyed
Glaukos–Fierce Eyes
Glorious Goddess
Gorgopis-Gorgon Eyed
Hellotis–Broad Faced
Hephaisteia–Of Hephaistos
he Theos-The Goddess
Hippia–Of the Horse
Hygieia–Of Good Health or Healer
Keleutheia–Of the Road
Khalinitis–Bridler (of Horses)
Khalkioikon–Of the Bronze House
Kissaia–Of the Growing Ivy
Kolokasia–Of the Edible Tubers
Kranaiês–Of Cornel-Wood
Koryphagenês–Born of the Head
Koryphasia–Of the Head
Kyparissia–Of the Cypress Grove
Leitis–Distributer of War Booty
Makhanitis–Contriver (of Plans and Devices)
Mechanitis-Skilled in Inventing
Moria–Of the Olive Tree
Nikephoros-Victory Bringing
Ophthalmitis–Of the Eyes
Oxyderkês–With Penetrating Gaze or Clear-Sighted
Pallas–Brandishing Her Spear or Aegis; or named for Pallas a friend of Athene
Panakhais-Goddess of the Akhaean League
Pandrosos-All Bedewing
Parthenos–Virgin or Maiden
Patroia-Paternal; of the Fathers; Ancestral Goddess
Phatria–Goddess of inherited from the ancestors
Polemadoke–War Sustaining
Polias–Of the City
Poliakhos-City Holding
Poliatis–Keeper of the City
Poliouchos–Protectress of the City
Polymetis–Cunning in Many Ways or Very Cunning
Potnia Egrekydoimos-The Queen Who Delights in Tumults, Wars and Battles
Promachos–Fighter in Front or Champion
Promakhorma–Guardian of Anchorage
Pronaia–Before the Temple
Saitidos-of Sais, Egypt
Salpinx–War Trumpet
Sthenias–Strong, Mighty
Tritogeneia–Triton Born; Born on Lake Triton
Tritonia-Triton Born; Born on Lake Triton; Born on Lake Tritonis in Libya
Tritonis-Born on Lake Triton; Born on Lake Tritonis in Libya
Xenia–Of Hospitality, Of the Foreigner
Zosteria–Of the Girdle

English Epithets of Athena
All-Protecting Queen
All-Saving Goddess
Blue Eyed
Blue Eyed Maiden
Bright Eyed
Clever One
Daughter of Aegis-Bearing Zeus
Dread Guardian
Dread Rouser of Battle-Strife
Gleaming Eyed
Glorious Goddess
Gray Eyed
Great Goddess
Mistress of Animals
Mistress Who Delights in the Clamorous Cry of War and Battle and Slaughter
Of the Golden Spear
One Who is Ever Near
Shield Bearing Goddess
Shining Among the Goddesses
Unwearied Leader of the Host

Epithets of Shrines and Cult Centers
Agoraia–Of the Market Place
Aithyia–Of the Gannet Colony
Alalkomenê– Of Alalkomenai (in Boiotia)
Alalkomenêis–Of Alalkomenai (in Boiotia)
Alea– Of Aleos (hero Arkadia)
Aiantis–Of Aias (hero Salamis)
Asia–Of Asia Minor
Hippolaitis–Of Hipplas (in Lakonia)
Ilia–Of Ilios (Troy)
Itonia–Of Itonos (in Thessalia)
Itonia–Of Itonos (hero Boiotia)
Kydonia–Of Kydonia (in Krete)
Kyparissia–Of Kyparissiae (in Messenia)
Larisaia–Of the River Larisos (in Akhaia)
Lindia–Of Lindos (in Rhodes)
Narkaia– Of Narkaios (hero Elis)
Nedousia–Of Nedon (in Messenia)
Panakhaia–Of All Akhaia (Region)
Pronaia–Of the Fore-Temple (Delphi)
Skiras–Of Skiras (in Salamis)
Skillyntia–Of Skillos (in Elis)
Sounia–Of Sounion (in Attika)
Telkhinia–Of Telkhinia (in Cyprus)
Tritônis– Of the River Tritonis (in Boiotia)

Cult and Festival Terms
Athênaion-Temple of Athena
Athênaia-Festival of Athena
Panathênaia-Festival of Athena
Khalkeia-Festival of the Bronzes (in Athens)
Prokharistêria-Thanksgiving Festival (in Athens)
Plyntêria-Washing Day Festival (in Athens)
Skira-Parasol Festival (in Athens)
Proteleia-Prelimenary Sacrifices (in Athens)
Aleaia-Festival of Athena Alea (in Tegea)
Hâlotia-Capture Festival (in Tegea)
Itônia-Festival of Athena Itonia (in Itonos)
Panboiôtia-All-Boiotian Festival (in Koroneia)


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