Athena, Festivals

Festivals of the Goddess Athena

Feasts of Athene

Monthly Festivals
3-Birthday of Athene/Triomenis
13- Birthday of Athene/Triomenis
23- Birthday of Athene/Triomenis

Hekatombaion/Creteon – July/August
15 to 16-Festival of Athene/Sunoikia
23 to 30-Birthday of Athene/Panathenaia

Metageitnion/Diomedeon – August/September
12-Sacrifice to Athene Polias
13 of September-Festival of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva

Boedromion/Hippeon – September/October
2-Festival of Athene and Nike/Niketeria
27-Sacrifice to Athene

Pyanepsion/Gereon – October/November
19 to 21-Sacrifice to Athene Phratria/Apatouria
30-Procession and Offering to Athena Ergane/Khalkeia

Maimakterion/Hespereon – November/December
Monthly Feasts

Poseideon/Cerbreon – December/January
Monthly Feasts

Gamelion/Nemeaneon – January/February
9-Sacrifice to Athene

Anthesterion/Lerneon – February/March
Monthly Feasts

Elaphebolion/Archaedeon – March/April
19 to 24 of March-Festival of Mars and Minerva/Quinquatrus

Mounichion/Erymantheon – April/May
Monthly Feasts

Thargelion/Augeon – May/June
20 to 25-Spring Cleaning of the Temple of Athene/Kallynteria
25 to 30 of May-Festival of Washing the Statue of Athene/Plynteria

Skirophorion/Stymphaleon – June/July
3-Festival of Athene/Arrephoria
3-Sacrifice to Athene Polias
12-Harvest Festival of Athene/Skirophoria
13 of June-Festival of Minerva/Lesser Quinquatrus
28 to 29 (or last day)-Sacrifice to Athene, the Savior/Athene Soteria


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