Athena: Sacred Symbols

Athena is the ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, the arts, knowledge, creativity, clarity, handcrafts, war, strategy, weaving, domestic household duties and purity. She is the Goddess of civilization.

Parentage: Zeus and Metis; Triton; Poseidon and Tritonis; Poseidon and Polyphe

Here are the animals and plants sacred to Athena.

Animals of Athena
Snake; Serpent

Sacred Plants
Olive tree
Sweet Smelling Flowers or Herbs


Natural Forces
Lake Triton in Libya


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Shrine of the Goddess Athena

Neos Alexandria: Athena


Bryn Mawr Hymn

Here is a video to a beautiful hymn to Her sung at Bryn Mawr College during Lantern Night, where lanterns are lit and the sophmores give them to the freshmen.

People who honor Athena today could definitely use this in their personal practice. Light lanterns or candles for Her.

Hail Athene, Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge and Strength.

English Translation

Pallas Athena, goddess of learning and strength,
We come to you to worship you, dread goddess.
Bless us we pray; give us wisdom.
Be with us always, Blessed goddess, hear!
Sanctify our lanterns now, to shine forever clearly,
Lighting the way, making bright the dark.


Pallas Athena thea,
Mathe mastos kai stenous
Se par he me is iman
Hie rus sou sai soi deine (x2)

Hie rus sou sai soi deine (x4)
Akoue. Akoue.

Makar i ze ai toumen
He min sophian didou
He min syngignou aei
Makarthe a akoue(x2)

Makarthe a akoue(x4) Akoue. Akoue.

Hie rize nyntous lydnous
Aei phanos phanoien
Lamprynontes ten hodan
Melan phanon poiuntes(x2)

Melan phanon poiuntes(x4)
Akoue. Akoue.

Aset, Auset, Isis

A little about me

I first encountered Aset (Isis) when I was nine years old. My Father came back from Egypt with a necklace with Her winged pendant on the chain. And I got George Hart’s Egyptian Myths as a present for Christmas that year. Needless to say, once I read up on Her, I was hooked. She was strong, beautiful, smart, cunning and fierce, loyal and compassionate. She was my kind of Goddess!

I’d been researching Her even since from Budge to more reputable Egyptology sources. I discovered Kemetic Reconstructionism in late 2002 and I haven’t looked back. I love re-building what the ancients left us and re-making it into something new and something we as modern people can use.

We are not the ancients. We never will be, but we can take what they left us and bring the spirit and praise of the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt into our modern time.

May She always be honored! May She always be praised!