Reminder Post: Festivals of Aset for the month of September

Here is a list of the festivals of the Goddess Aset for the month of 2nd Akhet/September.

2nd Akhet/Paopi/September
3-Feast of Weret Hekau
6-Feast of Aset and Festival of Aset, the Great, Lady of the Two Lands
6-Aset places the Amulet upon Herself for She is Pregnant with Heru-sa-Aset
7 of September-Festival and Procession of Aset
11-Festival of Aset
15-Feast of Aset
20-23-Festival of Aset


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Reminder Post: Festivals for Aset for the month of August

This is my festival calendar specifically for Aset.

1st Akhet/Thoth/August
1-New Year; Feast of Aset
1 to 15-Manifestation Feast of Every God and Every Goddess
2-Festival of the Birth of Aset
3-Festival of the Birth of Aset/Amesysia
4-Festival of the Birth of Aset
6-Day of Renewal
8-Festival of the Birth of Aset/Amesysia
10-Appearance and Procession the Night of Aset; Festival and Procession of Aset
11-Procession of Aset
12-Appearance and Procession of Aset
12 of August-Festival of the Lights of Aset/Lychnapsia
19-Procession and Purification of Aset, of the Beautiful Arms (Isis Nephremmis) and Heru-sa-Aset (Harpokrates)
20-Feast of Aset-Renenutet, Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset
22-Speech of Weret Hekau
25-Festival of the Birth of Aset
26-Feast of Aset, the Eldest Sister/Shemsety
27 of August-Festival of the Birth of Aset/Amesysia
28 to 30 of August-Festival of the Birth of Aset


Aset’s Birth Festival

Aset’s Birthday

Aset with throne headdress
by Jeff Dahl

Today is the Birth of Aset Festival on the Kemetic Orthodox Festival Calendar.  Aset is the Mistress of Magic, the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God and the Fiercely Bright One.

Here is a wonderful post by Sarduriur about this festival here: Aset’s Birth: Day of Readying Terror. 

Light candles for Her.  Give offerings to Her.  Sing Her praises.  Recite Her prayers and hymns.

Hail Lady Aset, Mistress of Magic.  Dua Aset!