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I am putting a devotional together for Nebet Het (Nephthys).  I would like to thank Rebecca Buchanan and Ashley for their assistance with this project thus far.  Thank you!

Title: She Who Speaks Through Silence: A Devotional Anthology for Nebet Het (Nephthys)
editor(s): Chelsea Luellon Bolton,

Nebet Het (Greek: Nephthys) is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of mourning, the dead and liminal spaces such as temples and tombs. She is an averter of evil and protects holy spaces and people from harm.

Contributors are welcome to explore:
Nebet Het’s role in the Wesir (Osiris) Mythos;
Nebet Het’s relationship to Aset (Isis);
Nebet Het’s relationship to Her consorts Set, Ra or Wesir (Osiris);
Nebet Het’s relationship to Her sons Yinepu (Anubis), Ra and Heru (Horus);
Nebet Het’s associations with other Egyptian deities such as Anuket (Anukis) and Hethert (Hathor);
Nebet Het’s roles/epithets as Averter of Evil, Mourner, Healer, Great of Magic, Celestial Cow, Amenti (Lady of the West), Lady of Dawn and Dusk, Lady of the House, Lady of the Tomb and Lady of the Temple, Wife and Widow of Wesir (Osiris), as the Nile flood;
Nebet Het’s solar or lunar aspects;
Nebet Het as an Eye of Ra;
Nebet Het’s ancient cult sites (such as Komir, Sepermeru or Hut-Sekhem (Diospolis Parva), among others).
Nebet Het as a personal Goddess and any experiences one is willing to share.

We are seeking submissions of:
• poetry and oracles
• prayers
• devotions, rituals or magical practice
• essays
• academic or scholarly articles (with footnotes and bibliography)
• songs
• short fiction (5,000 word limit)
• artwork (300dpi; black and white only)
• translations of ancient works (must have permission of the copyright owner or translator if not translated directly from the hieroglyphs)

Deadline:  February 2018

Submission Formats: Word Document pasted within the body of an email or as an email attachment. Also please put NEBET HET SUBMISSION in the title of the email.

Rights: Worldwide, non-exclusive for print book and e-book formats (contributors retain all rights to their work); projected release date is TBA through;

Contributors: There is no monetary compensation for contributors. Contributors will receive a free PDF copy of the book for personal use and a coupon code to purchase the book at a discount.  A permission to publish form will be sent out via email once all the submissions are received.