We are With You by JewelofAset

We are the Gods of Egypt

We are of the Nile and the Flood

We emerge and recede

We flow and change with the tides

We are of Egypt

We are of the Sea

We bring you to Us because We love you

Not to scare you

and not overwhelm you

But to be with you

You are still learning

You are okay, sweet child.

You are okay.

And you are still on your way.

Don’t worry, dear child.

We are with you all the way.

Will you get rid of Us?


Let these fears not consume you.

You are of Us.  We are your family.

Please don’t worry.

These fears will leave once you know who you are.

And conquer them through story and song; writing and ritual.

You will be okay, dear child.

You will be okay.

Darkness cannot win against the day.