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Signal Boost for Kiya Nicoll’s calendar.

Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt

So, pursuant to a number of my projects, I have assembled a wall calendar using the current revision of my core festival calendar.

I kind of wanted to have it sorted for Wep Renpet but I failed at that, but hey, there’s enough time to order it before the new calendar year if you wanted that sort of thing.

Warning: month containing Great Festival of Min contains image of Min. 😉 The preview button lets you click through the art I selected, though.

(Also, don’t get me started about the calendar editor program, I might have to swear a lot.)

(On a more personal note, getting back on the medication that actually treats my primary disabling medical condition rather than, y’know, on medication that keeps me semi-functional has done WONDERS for my gettingshitdone-ed-ness. May it continue to become!)

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Festivals of Nut

So all of the dates are from the various ancient Egyptian calendars.  I included some with just epithets listed which I thought pertained to Nut such as “Lady of Stars” and some may pertain to Hethert-Nut (Hathor-Nut) rather than just Nut.

Monthly Festivals

6th Lunar Day–Sacred to Nut

28th Lunar Day–Going forth of Nut

1st Akhet/Thoth/August
1-Wep Ronpet: New Year: Opening of the Year
4-Feast of Nut
7-Day of Welcoming the Rising of the River
11-Procession of the Great Flame (Eye of Ra)
13-Feast of Nut
14-Feast of Nut
14-Speech of Weret Hekau/Magician
22-Speech of Weret Hekau/Magician

2nd Akhet/Paopi/September

3rd Akhet/Hethara/October
3-Speech of Nut, the Great

4th Akhet/Koiak/November
4-Speech of Nut, Who Gave Birth to the Gods
21-Speech of Nut, the Great, the Mother of God
24-Speech of Nut, Lady of Heaven

1 Peret/Tybi/December
15-Speech of Nut
25-Establishment the Celestial Cow, Descent of the Dove

2 Peret/Mechir/January
30-Speech of Nut, the Great, Who Gave Birth to the Gods

3 Peret/Pamenot/February
8-Speech of Nut
10-Procession of Neseret
17-Speech of Weret Hekau/Magician
18-Feast of Nut, Who Counts the Days
19-Birthday of Nut
22-Speech of Nut, Lady of Heaven

4 Peret/Parmuthi/March
2-Speech of Nut
20-Speech of the Lady of the Solar Rays
21-Speech of the Lady of the Sycamore

1 Shomu/Pachons/April
3-Speech of Nut
8-Speech of Nut, Lady of Heaven
23-Speech of Nut

2 Shomu/Payni/May
20-Speech of the Lady of Stars
28-Speech of Nut

3 Shomu/Epiphi/June
15-Speech of Nut
23-Speech of the Uraeus
26-Speech of the Lady of Light

4 Shomu/Mesore/July
5-Feast of Nut, Speech of the Lady of Light
7-Speech of the Lady of Divine Liquor
9-Speech of the Lady of the Horizon
10-Speech of the Lady of the Mirror
18-Speech of the Lioness
24-Speech of the Lady of Heaven


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In other news….

Kiya Nicoll has a great interview here. Please check it out!

Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt

I have done an interview with the Infinite Beliefs podcast! To give a listen to me pontificating, mosey over there and have a listen. (And at some point I need to pick up on the Agora again, augh.)

Since it’s linked there, this is as good a time as any to mention that I’m in the process of building a site for all of my endeavours, called Suns in Her Branches, and if you’re interested in stuff I do as a general category rather than just my recon-oriented research notes, that’s where that will be. I was hoping to finish the graphical customisation and get a non-half-assed landing page done before the podcast went up but that didn’t work out so well; there’s content there anyway, including an assortment of religious poetry if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Reminder Post: Festivals of Aset for November

4th Akhet/Koiak/November
1 to 3 of November-Festival of Aset Rejoicing/Isia
1 to 8-Feast of Aset
6 to 9 of November-Festival of Aset/Isia
8 to 16-Festival of the Marriage of Aset, with the Beautiful Throne (Isis Nepherses), the Great Goddess
9 to 26-Entering the Temple of Aset-Shentayet
10-Birth of Aset
13 to 16 of November-Festival of Aset/Isia
14-Procession of Tayet
18 to 30-Mysteries of Wesir
20-Cleansing Festival of Aset
28-Procession of Hatmehyt in Busiris
29-Rites of Aset/Kikellia