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Lady of Praise, Lady of Power…the Aset Hymnal

aset hymnal cover
by Andrew Meitz. Art by Barbara Richter.

The Aset Hymnal is almost complete!  I am almost done with four years worth of research, translating and other work involved with creating a book.  The book will be titled Lady of Praise, Lady of Power:  Ancient Hymns of the Goddess Aset. 

The book in question is a compilation of ancient hymns to the Goddess Aset from various temples and papyri.  I’ve translated much of the material from French and German, but other Egyptologists (or their publishers) have also graciously allowed me to include their work in this compilation.

The temple with the largest amount of material included is from the Temple of Philae with about 100 or so hymns.   Other hymns come from the Temples of Behbeit el Hagara (Isiopolis), Aswan, Esna and Edfu.  Other material included comes from the Book of the Dead, various Demotic papyri and various other sources.  Also included is a festival calendar, epithets list, an extensive bibliography and a glossary.

I am currently formatting the hardcover version of the book.  I hope to also have a paperback version and a PDF version available for purchase.

If anyone has any questions or feedback please comment below.



17 thoughts on “Lady of Praise, Lady of Power…the Aset Hymnal”

  1. Waiting for this treasure to be available.
    Thank you for your research,and blood, sweat & tears you have given of yourself for this book.

  2. These are great news!
    On the other side of the globe, we would be waiting (impatiently 🙂 for PDF version.
    Does your book include hieroglyphics and transcriptions? (if yes, this would be priceless 🙂

    1. No. My book does not contain hieroglyphs or transcriptions. But everything is footnoted so you can look up the source of the hymn.

      Many of the books only had transliterations of the hieroglyphs. And some didn’t have any.

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