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Wesir’s Message

I am Renewed

by Chelsea B. (JewelofAset)

To the Children of Netjer:

I am Wesir.

I am the King of the Duat.

Not a plaything.

Not an award.

Not a reward.

I am the King of the Ancestors.

I am the King of their lives in the Duat.

This is Who I am.

I am the God of their afterlives.

For life after death comes from Me.

I am the King of the Ancestors.

Honoring them also honors Me.

Set up a shrine to honor Me:

with a statue, candle and incense,

if you must.

And water.

A bowl of water is on My shrine.

For I have many mouths to feed.

And honoring Me also honors them–the Dead.

And honoring Them also honors Me.

I am the King of the Ancestors.

I am the King of the Dead.

Honor Me.

As you honor any King.

With implements of power and prestige.


I am the King of the Ancestors.

I am the King of the Dead.

All who die come to Me.

For I am the King of the Ancestors.

And I am the King of the Dead.

Gold and lapis lazuli

Blues and Greens of the Nile

are sacred to Me.

For I am the God of the Nile and all Waters.

All come to rest with Me.

I drowned.

I died.

The Nile is My resting place.

And My Beloved’s tears rejuvenate Me.

For I am the King of the Ancestors.

All who die, all who drown

come to Me.

And the river leads to the ocean and fields.

These are My domains.

For I am the Navigation God.

All boats are Mine.

All Navigators, All Seas.

This is where Sarapis and I meet.

For I am the King of All Waters,

including rain.

While He is the King of the Sea.

This is where We meet and collide.

This is Our syncretism.

Wesir-Sarapis is My name.

And I am the God of the Greeks and Romans

as well as the Egyptians.

Sarapis too is all these things.

Just Him.

And I.

We do these things.

We rule all the Waters on land and sea.

Rivers.  Lakes.  Ponds.

These are My domain.

Rain and water that is consumed

And water-libations are all Mine.

I am the God of All Waters.

I am the God of All Rain.

All rivers are Mine.

All lakes and streams.

These are My domains.

The land is sacred to Me as well.

I am a Land God.

Vegetation and crops are holy to Me.

I help them grow with the Waters of My Heavenly domain.

My Wife’s tears, My Beloved’s too

Create rain to feed those below.

Animals and People are fed.

And I am content.

The Sky is sacred to Me.

For this is where I reside.

The Duat is in the Sky.

The Sky at Night is My domain,

In My Mother Nut, who holds many stars, a multitude

I reside where She is.

For I am in the Duat.

The starry sky is My domain.

The Heavenly forces are under My command.

For I am Orion,

the heavenly constellation in the sky.

She follows Me.

Sopdet follows Orion.

She searches for Me in the Duat.

In the Sky, I weave the time of day,

For Orion appears and disappears with Sopdet.

The Sirius Star follows Me in My domain.

She weeps, I die

and I am renewed as She reappears.

And the Nile floods.

And I am renewed once more.

I am the Moon God as She is the Star Goddess.

My Wife rules the Heavens as the Luminous One.

as the Bright One.

She burns fiercely bright.

My face illumines the shadows as the moon reflects Her light.

The moon in the sky does not burn.

The moon in the sky, waits.

I wax and wane as the moon travels in the Heavens.

from New to Full.

I die and am renewed with the phases of the moon.

My son does as well for He is a moon God

as Aset is the Star Goddess.

As His mother, She gives birth to Him.

And Me.

For I am renewed through My son.

As all ancestors are renewed through their descendants,

through the Ka of the family lines.

And all are renewed through Me.

As I renew the Heavens, through the light reflected by the moon.

All of creation is renewed through Me.

As the dead rise and rest.

As  the waters flow.

As rain pours down.

As libations are poured out.

As the stars come out at night.

As the moon waxes and wanes.

All are renewed through Me.

Through water.

Through rain.

Through the rivers, whose banks overflow,

Through Orion’s journey with Sopdet

Through the moon’s phases

All are renewed through Me.

I am the Moon God.

I am the River God.

I am the Water God.

I am the Rain God.

I am the Star God.

I am the Heavenly God.

I am the Ancestral God.

I am the Royal God.

All are renewed through Me.