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Oracle: Set and Aset

Set and Aset

by Chelsea B. (JewelofAset)

I am Great of Strength
I am like My sister, yet, not
She beguiles
I confront
She is the shape-shifter
I come as I am
I am more straight-forward than She
Both of Us are strong
She tempers the soul with water
Eroding away illness and self-loathing
She heals with cleansing water
In order to heal through water
You must look at your reflection
Illuminated by the light of the sun
I am the Red Lord
I am the Desert King
My storms cleanse away what cannot grow
Even in the harshest conditions
I destroy only to renew
I make those strong who would stand against My challenges
With courage despite fear
My sister weeps
And rain flows
Renewing Her husband
My brother Wesir
My storms destroy, Hers renew
I also weep
For My brother
He drowned
I killed Him
Yet, now, the Ancestors have a King
While before they did not
And now the Nile flows
When before it was stagnant
And I was the one who did this deed
It needed doing
So I did it
I still love My brother
And He still loves Me
I am not a devil nor evil
As some fear Me
I laugh
My strength is only for those who can stand
After My storm has passed
I bring change to those who need it
I bring change to those who wallow in stagnation
What stagnates, dies
I prevent this death
I am sorry My sister weeps
It was necessary
It needed doing
So I did it
I slay the Serpent, Enemy of Ra
My sister beguiles the Nameless One with Her magic
I cut Him to pieces with My harpoon and knife
And a new day can be born
From Our Mother Nut
Ra can rise on the Horizon
Because of Me
For I am the Great of Strength
And She is the Goddess Who Beguiles