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Oracles of Wepwawet

Oracles of Wepwawet


I am the scout who opens the way
I am the baying hound nipping at your heels
I am the wolf howling at the moon
I am the jackal scurrying in the cemetery
I am in all these places and more
I am in every doorway, every window, every exit or entrance
I am in things that cannot be seen by the naked eye
I come into the world and leave quickly
For I am the Gatekeeper


Who is This God?

Who is This God?
Standing at the Gate
Who is This God?
Escorting the Recently Departed
Who is This God?
That howls as a Wolf
As a Jackal
Calling through the Desert
Among the Graves
Who is This God?
Opening the Way
For the Sun to Rise
For the Deceased to Be Reborn
Anew, On the Horizon
Within the Sky
Who is This God?
That calls to me from the Gate?