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Oracle: Ascension


by Chelsea B.

I am Wesir

I am the God of Kings

I am the God of the Dead

They honor Me

and I honor them

They are the transfigured dead

Theses are the people who have died,

and goes through the Gates of the Underworld.

They made it to My Hall

and passed My Judgement in the Hall of Ma’ati.

My Hall is of My Sister and Wife

Nephthys and Isis rule alongside Me here.

They are the Two Truths, the Ma’ati.

The Twin Sisters of both life and death.

They are the judgement.

They judge the dead

and name their names

and their deeds and their actions

and their desires.

Your life is judged by these measures.



Do the things you love, which makes your heart sing

Do the things you desire, for that will feed your ka

and the kau of your ancestral dead.

Do the things you need, to feed yourself

so that you may come to My Hall

assured in your ascension

to be among the Blessed Dead.