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Blessed Healing Poem

Goddess and God,
what do these meanings mean to you?
What do they mean to you?
Do they mean you can call on Us,
without making an effort
to honor Us properly,
To give offerings on Holy Days,
to maintain the shrines to Us,
which you built?
What are you doing, dear child?
You do not maintain the shrines.
You do not do your Work,
for Us, which you agreed to.
You do not honor Us,
as you would if you were well.
You are sick.
You are heart-sick.
You call on Us to aid you, yet
Where are your doctors?
Where are your healing shrines?
Where is your ayurvedic medicine?
Where are your healing stones?
Where is your tribe?
Do you not call on them?
Why not?
Why not call on the people closest to you,
to help you during this time?
Call on them.
Call on Us.
We bless you if you honor Us.
Offer to Us.
Pour libations for Us.
And We will respect your wishes,
your honor, your boundaries.
But honor Us.
and you will be blessed.