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Frigga’s Hope

Mother of the Gods
Queen of Fensalir
Wife of Odin
Mother of Balder.
First among the Goddesses
These are My titles among the Gods of the Northern Lands.
This is how I am known.
I am a Queen.
I am a Mother.
I am a Wife.
I am a Hearth-Witch and a Seeress.
These are My positions among My Family and Tribe.
These are My accolades.
These are My accomplishments.
I lost Balder, My beloved son.
So I am a Mourner as well.
Yet, I am the Queen of My People.
I am the Lady of the Throne.
This is where I sit:
to give judgments within counsels;
to see through the Nine Worlds;
This is what I see.
I see a world that is struggling through much hardship.
I see a nation in turmoil.
I see guns killing children
I see wives and mothers weeping for their sons
and daughters.
I see fear and anger and oppression.
I see hope.
And this hope will not die.
We waited over 1,000 of your years
to return to Our people.
The Norwegians that honored Us
no more, do so again.
The Swedes and the Danes, honor Us.
The Icelanders revived Our worship,
and now they will build a Temple
to Me, My Husband and My son.
We waited a thousand years
for Our hope.
Do not lose faith.
Do not lose hope.

Call on Us.

And We will come to your aid.