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There is Always Enough

There is Always Enough

by JewelofAset

There is always enough.



Hours in a Day.

What will you do with these hours you have been given?

Will you waste them or be productive?

Will you listen to your excuses or your heart?

What will you do today for the Gods of Egypt?

What will you do today for yourself?

The Gods of Egypt are not merciless Gods.

The Gods of the Two Lands are not merciless Gods.

The Gods of the Nile are not merciless Gods.

Why would we be?

Our surroundings are harsh.

You cannot survive in a desert or oasis,

without some form of compassion.

The community would fail.

All would perish.

Now.  Now.

Now you live in a world that has not changed much.

The gluttonous and greedy take from those,

who have little to spare.

There is enough hours in a day.

There is enough time on your hands.

Get what you need to get done.

The ones who work for their wealth,

often get consumed by it.

It is their right.  It is their blessing.

They forget sometimes to give back to those,

who helped make them so wealthy.

They have forgotten that once you have the means,

blessings flow to those who give back.

They forgot the most important thing:

Blessings are meant to be shared.