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Turbulent Life

Turbulent Life

by JewelofAset

Swirls and seas

Turbulent tides,

This is your life.

You hide and seek,

what you cannot find.

Your words are hollow

and meek.

This is not humility.

This is complacency.

And this is not fine.


Push yourself to do your tasks.

Honor your commitments,

that’s all that We ask.


Spend your time doing things you love,

Spend your time doing things you need to do,

Spend your time working in your various projects,

and ask Us to help you.


Ask Us to help you with each task.

This is not a sign of weakness or

a sign that you are co-dependent.

This is a sign that you need help

and you need to ask for Me.

You are not weak.

You are strong when you ask for aid.

You are brave.

You are brave for saying,

“I can’t do this alone.  I need help.”

This is a vulnerable position

and it takes bravery to ask.


And this is why I help all those

who ask for My aid.

If you are brave enough,

if you are wise enough,

to ask for My aid.

I will do My best to help you.


This is Your task.

Ask Us for help when you need it.

Ask Us for help when you need it.

And We will help you.


I will always be by your side.

You have nothing to fear.

You have nothing to hide.

I see all and know all

about your life.


And I love you.

So this is my plea.

Please, dear child,

please let me help thee.