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Honor Us


Honor Us

by JewelofAset

So you wish to have a shrine room,

that’s worthy of your Gods.

So you wish to have a practice,

steeped in tradition and innovation

in equal measure.

This We can do, child.

This We can do.

Honor Us with libations,

cool water and wine,

and beer.

Whatever you can afford.

Water, wine or beer.

For this honors the Gods and Goddesses of the Shrines

and the Dead.

All creation is renewed when libations

are poured on the Earth.

My Father and Husband and My Son,

are renewed by this gesture.

Libations poured out to the Gods

are a holy act.

Keep this tradition.

It is possible to perform today.

Quickly and easily.

So, keep it and move on.


Rituals for the Gods are holy things.

Rituals for the Gods took hours to perform

by priests and the King in ancient times.

This is not feasible for most today.

So, relax.

You are not the ancients, nor do We expect you to be.

You are You.

Do what works for you.

This is the second thing.

Ritual should be joyful.

It is reverence mixed with creation.

Now.  Now.

Ritual has things it should contain.

Light for the First Dawn.

Incense or scent for the First Breath.

Water for the Primeval Ocean.

Statues or Images of Us

and Our sacred implements.

These are what you need for ritual.

Now, how do you perform it?

Do you speak the words of the ritual?

Do you bow in full prostration?

Do you praise Us with the Dua gesture?

Do you honor Us with offerings and gifts?

Do you honor Us with hymns and songs of praise?

Do you write or read for Us?

Do you work for Us?

This is honoring Us too.


Do ritual when you can.

Do ritual when you must.

It doesn’t take that much to honor Us.

Libations are fine.

Food and drink offerings too.


Honor Us,

and We will bless you.