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Nebet Het’s Rage, Nebet Het’s Pormi

Nebet Het’s Rage, Nebet  Het’s Promise

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

I am the Hidden One

I am She Who is Hidden,

I am Nebet Het

Of Darkness

Of the Shade

Of the Stillness of Night with no Moon

No light.

Yet, the stars burn in this darkness,

This luminous light

Brightens the night

as the stars shine in the sky.

I am the Light in Darkness

I am the Twilight at Dawn and Dusk.

I am the Light

in the Darkest of Times.

And this is a dark time for many.

There is fear in their hearts

There is fear in their words

There is righteous anger,

The fury at injustice,

And yet,

I am the Light in the Darkness

I drive away evil

I empower good

I bestow strength on those

who will stand and fight—

any way they can—

with art, with words

with actions,

with kindness,

being intolerant of injustice—

in whatever form it takes.

And here I will stand with those

who March.

For I am a Goddess of Women

as is My sister.

as well as many Goddesses and some Gods.

Injustice won’t stand against Our wrath.

Sekhmet, Hethert and Bast with Their flames and magic,

Nit and Wepwawet with Their arrows and magic,

Aset with Her scimitar and magic,

And I, Nebet Het, with My arrows and magic

Ra with His Eyes,

Hethert’s joy will keep the people going,

For joy and rage must balance each other

in the hearts of those who fight.

And yet, I will come

as a snake, as cobra

as a leopard

Whose flame will burn

the shackles of fear which bind you,

the evil around you,

and the injustice against  you.

and whose arrows

will strike down the enemies of ma’at.

will destroy injustice.

So Ra will be triumphant,

as the Uncreated is destroyed.

So you too will be triumphant,

Against the enemies of health

Against the enemies of life, prosperity and happiness.

Against the enemies of safety and treating people well.

If We are called upon:

Women who are attacked will be defended,

and healed.

Men who are attacked will be defended,

and healed.

We will save the people who call on Us.


This is Our promise to you.

So call on Us,

And We will come.

We will march with you.