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Not Alone

Not Alone

by JewelofAset

You are scared

You are all scared.

We know this.

So this is what you do:

First of all,

what can  you do?

What are you capable of?

What can you offer?

Do that.


support those who support your causes.

Give time  and  money to Planned Parenthood,

to organizations that help the poor,

gays and lesbians, people of color

and women and men.

Aid  the disenfranchised.

Anyway you can.

This is not  your fight alone.

This is our fight.

You are stronger together,

just as We are.

Unity is Our Strength

Diversity is Our Power.

And this too is yours.

So use your resources well.

Lift each other up.

Help each other.

Aid each  other.

Be diverse and

Be unified.

Be united.

Be strong.

Be kind.

And  above all,

know you are not alone.