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Wepwawet Hymnal

I have been granted the final permissions  I need to publish the Wepwawet hymnal!  I will send the book, Lord of Strength and Power: Ancient Hymns for Wepwawet to the formatters later on tonight or tomorrow.

I want to  look over the introduction one more time.  Those are the hardest things for me to write!



I have been  sick this past week and a half with a cold and a respiratory infection.  I’m much better now.  (Antibiotics, Tylenol and  Sudafed, FTW!)

I have some updates on some of my projects.

Lord of Strength and  Power:  Ancient Hymns for Wepwawet is a collection of  ancient  hymns  and prayers to the canine god Wepwawet, the warrior, scout and hunter of the gods.  I am waiting on  one set of permissions  and  then  I  can publish the book.

I have sent in the permissions for Lady of the Sky: Ancient Hymns of the Goddess Aset from the Temple of Dendera.  We’ll see what they say.  I’m still waiting.

I am still working on She Who Speaks Through Silence:  An Anthology of Nebet Het (Nephthys).  I am still waiting on some submissions. 

I’m  almost done  with another poetry collection.  This book has more  poems  to  Athena,  Hestia, Hera, Hera and  Zeus, various Orisha (Oya, Oshun, Yemaya, Osanyin, Shango, etc) and Frigga.  I’m considering  calling it  Holy Words, Holy Praise since it is kind  of  a volume 2 of  Divine Words, Divine Praise.  Does anyone  have any feedback on the title?

I am compiling a compilation of scholarly papers I wrote in Graduate school (and afterward) about various goddesses, Orishas and a saint (Mary); and I have one other essay about women’s healing and talismanry (I know it doesn’t fit, but I have no idea where else I could publish it.  I may take it out and publish it by itself. I’m not sure.).   I’m thinking of making this into another book.  My working title is Holy Lady, Holy Queen:  Papers on the Feminine Divine.


Sobek devotional news: Announcing ‘Lord of the Carnelian Temple’

A Sobek Devotional is in the works!

Per Sebek

Signal boost the shit out of this plz, y/y? :D?

OKAY SO. I might have mentioned I’d put my hand up to edit a Sobek devotional anthology with Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and after a lot of work and wrangling and sorting things out, it’s all official now. I have a title and everything!

Lord of the Carnelian Temple info

Anyone who works with Sobek, or has an interest in Sobek,including Sobek-Ra (because I know there are some of you out there, too), is more than welcome to submit work for this anthology. ILU all, let’s make this happen. ❤

I’m opening submissions in July, and running it through to the end of the year, so don’t let me down! I’ll be looking to release it by March next year, if you all do your part and send me enough material. Start working on your submissions so the world can…

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