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Update on Wepwawet Book

So,  I have gotten sick again.  I  have more  medicine from the doctor.  Hopefully, this will do it.  I’ve been sick for a month now.  I beat the cold,  but I am still coughing.  They are going to  take a  chest x-ray if this doesn’t stop in  a  8 days.

Anyway, on to the Wepwawet book.  I’m  editing it still  and haven’t sent it to the  formatters yet.  I added a  small section  for Yinepu (Anubis) because He is Wepwawet’s twin and I  don’t know where else I would include  it.  In the Yinepu section, I  have a  hymn,  a festival calendar,  an epithets list, a syncretism list and  a sacred symbols list.

Everything else pertains only to Wepwawet,  pretty much.