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Ra Loves Creation

A poem I have written for the Ra Devotional.

Ra Loves Creation

By JewelofAset

Ra loves creation

He loves His children

Both Goddesses and Gods

And humans, too

He loves creation

So much that He fights for its continued survival

Every night and triumphs every morning

Dawn breaks and the battle is won

Creation is saved

The serpent of entropy is dispelled

And all live one more day

He has to win every night

in order for creation to survive until the morning

Every night is a struggle and a battle

And every morning is a triumph

And all it would take is the Serpent winning for more than just an eclipse

And then all creation is unmade and uncreated

Unformed and coalesces back in to the Oneness

Where nothing is different

Where diversity is gone

As if nothing had existed;

But Ra and His Crew triumph

Every Night

Aset, Ra, Wepwawet, Nebet Het, Set

Hethert, Heru and Sobek

Khepera and Atum

And all the Gods of the Sun Boat

Fight so that creation can survive

All animals, All plants

The Sky and Earth

The people

You and me

And the Gods Themselves

Can survive

We live and They live

Because of Their labors

They believe we are precious enough to fight for every night

Then can we not fight for ourselves

Every day?

Fight to love ourselves

Fight to own ourselves

Fight to be compassionate to ourselves

Be kind, be brave and be strong

For if the Gods think we are worth the fight,

Then so too, shouldn’t we believe this ourselves?