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Book Sales

Here is the data of book sales I have made since March of 2016.

My parents have bought one of each paperback book  (Thanks, Mom!  Thanks, Dad!).

I’m not doing this to brag or to make anyone feel self-conscious.  I wanted to see how many of each book was selling so that I could decide which types of books to focus on in the future.  And I was just curious, honestly.

Also, the Kindle books only became available recently. 

Lady of Praise, Lady of Power

Paperback and PDF:  39

Kindle: 3

Queen of the Road

Paperback and PDF:   7

Kindle: 0

Lord of Strength and Power

Paperback and PDF:  11

Kindle: 0

Magician, Mother and Queen

Paperback and PDF:  13

Kindle: 1

Divine Words, Divine Praise

Paperback and PDF: 2

Kindle: 0

Divine Beings, Earthly Praise

Paperback and PDF: 2

Kindle: 0

Holy Mother, Healer and Queen

Paperback and PDF: 1  (Thanks, Mom!)

Kindle: 0

Sun, Star and Desert Sand

Paperback and PDF:   Not released yet; 0

Kindle: 0